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What's the weather like over at the field?

Club Constitution

Our club constitution outlines the aims of our club.

Club constitution

Terms of reference

Club roles and responsibilities.

Terms of reference

Club etiquette

Archers shooting on our field must follow the rules outlined on the following link.

Club Etiquette

Rule 307 Clothing regulations

Clothing regulations that may apply to some of the competitions that we hold. These are regulations that have been layed out by GNAS.

Rule 307 Clothing Regulations

Protection Policy

We are committed to safeguarding young people and vunerable adults. The protection policy we have adopted can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Protection Policy

Information for beginners and new members

We have produced this document for beginners and new members. It includes current information about the club and some club history. We advise all new members to read the information below.

Information for beginners and new members